Greatview commits to Carbon-Free Electricity in its German Factory

In addition to its use of innovative energy-saving technologies, Greatview has committed from 2020 to purchasing 100% of its electrical power for its German factory from renewable, carbon-free sources.

The power is sourced from solar, wind and hydro-electric installations, certified from the German Federal Environment Agency.

With an annual factory consumption of 13 million kW-h, this represents a saving of 5,000 tons of CO2 relative to conventional thermal power sources.

To give this some perspective, an 80-year-old beech tree in Europe might absorb 12.5 kg of CO2 in a typical year, so this saving represents the annual carbon sequestration of 400,000 mature trees.1

Or suppose a car consumes 8l/100 km, the CO2 emission will be 190 g/km.2

The annual saved amount of CO2 represents more than 26 million km in that car, corresponding to 6500 trips around the world or 33 trips to the moon and back.


  1. Wie viele Bäume braucht es, um eine Tonne CO2 zu binden?:
  2. CO2-Rechner für Auto, Flugzeug und Co.:


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