About locked markets

Why should I care whether my aseptic liquid packaging systems are locked or open?

A locked packaging system deprives producers of most of their negotiating power when purchasing packaging material. The supplier can dictate terms, price and quality, and there is little pressure to improve or innovate. Moreover, in case of a shortage in the supply of aseptic packaging, customers have no alternative to fall back on.

Why are ties between consumable material and machines not natural?

There are very, very few examples, in any field of enterprise, where manufacturers can maintain a decades-long monopoly of the consumable material through a commercial or technical tie. Almost always, once a market reaches sufficient size, competition appears, leading to reduced prices and increased innovation. Well known examples where ties once existed but competition eventually arose are the service and parts market for motor vehicles, inkjet printer cartridges and espresso coffee pods. Until very recently however, the aseptic liquid carton industry has been a significant exception.

Why has there been a tie between packaging and filling machines for aseptic cartons but not for other packaging systems, such as plastic bottles?

The difference is historical rather than technical. Plastic material technology and plastic bottle fillers evolved separately and have remained separate since. In contrast, the development of aseptic carton technology and aseptic carton fillers were always closely tied, and the manufacturers have managed, by various means and over many years, to maintain the status quo.

Can you tell me, which roll-fed aseptic carton systems are locked to alternative supply and which are open?

Yes – Greatview has published a guide for customers of roll-fed aseptic cartons. If you would like a copy or to know more, please contact us.

Legal queries

Is there a difference in my right to choose suppliers of packaging material if my machine is leased, rented or purchased?

Anti-trust law protects customers whether machines are leased or purchased, but details vary according to local laws and practices. In jurisdictions where competition authorities have already focused on aseptic liquid paperboard, such as in Europe and China, the authorities have specifically mandated the right for producers to choose packaging material suppliers independently of whether their machine is rented, leased or purchased.

Will I be breaching patent laws if I purchase packaging material from Greatview?

Greatview respects valid patent rights and does not knowingly produce or sell packaging material that is in violation of the law.

How do the anti-trust practices in one region of the world impact those in another?

Although the specifics of anti-trust and competition law vary from country to country, virtually every sophisticated economy in the world has laws and government agencies in place to promote economic competition and to prevent abuses of dominant or monopolistic enterprises. Notwithstanding differences in law, major anti-trust cases in one country or region form useful references and influence judgments in other countries. US and EU cases are particularly influential in this regard.

About Greatview

Who is Greatview?

Greatview is the world’s largest independent, alternative supplier of aseptic carton packaging material and related services.

Greatview’s 2016 revenue was more than 290 million Euros with more than 11.5 billion aseptic packs sold operating across multiple locations in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. The company has taken a leading role in breaking open the aseptic carton business to competition around the globe.

Where are Greatview’s packaging material factories located?

Greatview operates packaging material factories in three locations:

  • Halle (Saale), Germany was commissioned in 2013 and has undergone a major expansion in 2017 which has doubled its capacity. The factory supplies packaging material to customers in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and North and South America.
  • Greatview’s facility in Gaotang, Shandong Province, China, mainly supplies the Chinese market, with some exports to the rest of Asia.
  • Greatview’s Helingeer facility in Inner Mongolia, China, primarily caters to the immense dairies located in that province

Where do Greatview’s raw materials come from?

Greatview always strives to source material close to its factories to reduce the carbon footprint from long supply chains. Paperboard is produced in North and South America, Northern Europe and Asia from world-class paper companies, using international sustainability certification systems. Foil is produced in Germany and China, polymer is produced in Europe, the US and Asia and ink is produced in Europe and Asia.

How is Greatview an environmentally responsible company?

Greatview has taken an industry lead to source wood fibre from sustainably-managed resources, well ahead of demand from consumers. Together with the help of customers, Greatview has taken active steps to inform and educate consumers how their choice at the retail shelf can drive better environmental practices. More than 15 billion individual messages have already been placed into the homes and hands of consumers through messages on cartons.

What is Greatview’s offering?

Greatview has installed tooling for Greatview Aseptic Brick packaging material in the following sizes: 125 Slim, 200 Base, 200 Slim, 250 Base, 250 Slim, 330 Slim, 1000 Base and 1000 Slim. Recent additions include Greatview Aseptic Octagon 200 & 250 (equivalent to Tetra Prisma® Aseptic) and for Greatview Aseptic Blank Fed 125, 200 and 250 mini and small (equivalent to SIG combibloc). Your local Greatview representative can advise the latest development statuses, and of availability of specific sizes from each factory.

Why doesn’t Greatview produce all sizes and variants of roll-fed aseptic cartons?

Greatview’s existing size portfolio already covers the vast majority of roll-fed aseptic cartons sold worldwide, and recent additions of Greatview Aseptic Octagon and Greatview Aseptic Blank-Fed further extend our potential of supply. Additional sizes and shapes are always under consideration based on the solidity and the size of the business case to justify the investment.

What proof can Greatview offer to demonstrate that the aseptic carton packaging is of high quality?

Greatview has successfully delivered more than 70 billion cartons, filled with both low acid and high acid products, to customers in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East, Oceania and Africa. The company’s state-of-the-art factories are equipped with the best production and quality control equipment available and raw material is sourced from world-class suppliers from Europe, the Americas and Asia. All Greatview factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified. Many multinational customers have independently audited our facilities and processes, always with positive results.

If you would like more information or to visit a Greatview factory please contact us.

Practical Information

Where can I purchase spare parts and service for my roll-fed aseptic liquid food machines?

Your first possibility would be to ask for supply from the manufacturer from whom you have rented, leased or purchased your machine. The original machine manufacturer has a sophisticated and effective training, maintenance, spare parts and service program. In addition, certain spare parts can only be purchased from the original manufacturer. Recently, a number of high quality independent suppliers of both service and (non-patented) spare parts have appeared, who may be able to help you – usually at lower prices than the original machine manufacturer. This can be an excellent option to save money. Greatview can supply the latest information on request.

Where can I purchase caps and other additional materials?

Anti-tying laws, which apply to the packaging material and machines, also apply to additional materials. The essential principle is that supply of one product cannot be made conditional on not buying a product from another supplier. Where anti-tying laws are established, machines, caps, strips, patch, packaging material, glue and granulate can all be purchased independently of one another from the original machine manufacturer or from whatever supplier you may choose. Recently, a number of high quality independent suppliers of additional materials have emerged, who may be able to help you – usually at lower prices than the original machine manufacturer. This can be an excellent option to save money. Greatview can supply the latest information on request.

I believe I am not being treated according to standards and practices as they are being applied elsewhere by the dominant aseptic roll-fed aseptic liquid machine supplier. Where can I go to for support to ensure I am being treated fairly?

If you believe you are being treated unfairly, your first step should be to assess if the contracts or the behaviour of your supplier in your market are in violation of local laws. If you believe there is a violation and you have evidence thereof, you can make a submission, usually at no or minimal cost, to your local anti-trust authority, who will lead any investigation independently of you. The US Department of Justice maintains a comprehensive country-by-country list of contacts of anti-trust authorities. Greatview can assist customers in assessing the legality of contracts and in preparing information for submission to authorities.

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