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Nobody says that you shouldn’t buy a proprietary aseptic liquid food system with a tie between filling machine and packaging material. But you should be aware of what you are committing to.

If you are satisfied that the added value a proprietary packaging system offers more than offsets the disadvantages of being forced to procure your packaging material from a single supplier, then by all means choose it. As long as you are aware of the commitment in advance, you can make an informed decision.

But remember: Choice Creates Value. Being forced to procure your packaging material from a single supplier has a number of negative consequences that may impact your business for years to come.

  • Prices will be comparatively high and non-negotiable.
  • Pressure on the leading provider to innovate is minimal.
  • Choices regarding quality or the service levels will be limited.
  • Should a bottleneck in supply occur, you will have no alternative.

At Greatview, we actively support the idea of an open market in the aseptic packaging industry. Because choice drives competition and creates value.

You don’t know Greatview? Never even heard of us? Here are some facts for you:


  • has been the initiator of major changes in the business model of the aseptic carton industry over the last decade, generating very substantial benefits for both producers and consumers
  • is the leading worldwide independent supplier of aseptic liquid carton packaging material for producers of dairy, beverage and non-carbonated soft drinks
  • already supplies to 9 of the top 10 multinational dairy and juice producers
  • offers competitively priced packaging material with no compromise on quality
  • employs state-of-the art manufacturing equipment, with world-class suppliers and certifications
  • delivered more than 11.5 billion packages in 2016, with cumulative deliveries of more than 70 billion
  • is an industry leader in driving good environmental practices and sustainable sourcing. 100% of carton production in our German factory is sourced from FSC®-certified sustainably managed forests.

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Being forced to rely on a single supplier for your packaging material doesn’t sound so attractive? You would like to throw off your constraints and unlock your market but are unsure on how to proceed? Contact us – Greatview can help.

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Greatview can help

You want to throw off your constraints and unlock your market? Greatview can help.

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