Adding value through choice and innovation

CEO Magazine, a global business publication, included an interview with Jeff Bi, Greatview CEO in its October 2019 addition, how Greatview is changing the aseptic carton industry.  In the years since its inception, Greatview has added immense value to the industry by providing a high-quality choice, and it continues to advance customers with leading-edge digital innovations.

For its first customers, supply from Greatview “was like a leap of faith.” Jeff says. That faith has since led the company to grow into the world’s 3rd largest player in the aseptic liquid food carton market.

Jeff also talked about his vision to connect consumers and brand owners in real-time, through smartphones and unique QR codes printed on packages. Greatview® Smart Packaging creates a two-way communication platform which can offer granular traceability, instant-wins, entertainment, and specific product information.  Today, more than 50 customers communicate directly with their consumers using Greatview Smart Packaging.

Read the full article originally featured in CEO Magazine, October 2019 issue




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