A joint effort for a sustainable resource management

Every one of us has a responsibility to take care of our environment in order to preserve the planet for our children.

At Greatview, we take this responsibility seriously: It is our mission to minimise the company’s footprint on the environment.

Greatview has therefore taken a lead in responsible sourcing of paperboard, which forms the largest part of our packaging material.  More than 75% of the paperboard we used in 2013 was certified as coming from sustainably managed forests by one of the internationally recognised forestry management schemes.  These systems ensure that more trees are planted than harvested, the impact on water is minimised and the habitats of both animals and indigenous people are protected.

But we would like to go beyond such measures: We would like to encourage consumers worldwide to join us in our effort. Only a joint effort of suppliers, producers and consumers can make a lasting positive change on the impact of our activities on the environment. For more information on how you, too, can make a difference, please take some minutes to watch our CEO, Jeff Bi speaking at TED in Denver, USA:

Jeff Bi, CEO of Greatview

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